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Grace and Mercy Ministry

Guthrie First extended the invitation to Grace and Mercy Ministry to share their mission story.

It is a discipleship program which last for 1 to 2 years. The director Joanna Mack is from New Zealand. Her call was to help women in prison ministry and beyond.  "This is not just a rehab it's a family."

Currently there have been 67 women to go through the program 25 have graduated one left the program and three women have since gone back to jail. All of the teachers doctors psychologists and volunteers give of their own time to the program.

On this day after hearing heartfelt testimonies, the congregation took a love offering and as the women  ranging in ages of early 20's to mid 40's  move throughout the sanctuary they were prayed for by members of the congregation.

We are reminded of the words of Jesus in Matthew 25.

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