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This is your personal invitation to come and worship with us. We pray that our worship services impact your life and the lives of those around you.

What is worship? It is focusing on God, not on ourselves. It is something that begins with the heart and is expressed with actions. Therefore, it is important that we prepare our hearts for this special time. Because our worship brings God pleasure, it is to be done with sincerity from the heart, not out of duty and obligation. Let’s ask God to open our hearts to truly worship Him.

While we can worship God anywhere at any time, there is something special about gathering with other believers. As we worship corporately, we connect with God both individually and as a body. At Guthrie First, we join our hearts together in worship offering both a  traditional and creative worship service.

The vision of Guthrie First United Methodist Church, Guthrie, Kentucky is Loving, learning and leading while making diciples. Our vision is put into action ways of supporting our community and reaching out around the globe. It’s about having the attitude of loving God through loving people with the goal of making disciples for Christ and seeing all people come to experience the abundant life our loving Heavenly Father intended for his children.

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